Data (version 5)

Please note that this page contains the archives of version five of the DSP data set released in 2023. To access the most recent version of the data, please click here.

The complete data for the Digital Society Survey is available for download in a number of formats for free. Each download contains a zip file with the full time series data from 2000-2021 for 179 countries in the specified format, along with the DSP Codebook.

Click here to download as CSV

Click here to download as R

Click here to download as Excel

Click here to download as STATA

Click here to download as SPSS


The codebook can also be downloaded separately from the data files here.


Mechkova, Valeriya, Daniel Pemstein, Brigitte Seim, Steven Wilson. 2022. Digital Society Project Dataset v4.


Please let us know if you use the Digital Society Project data in any publications by sending us an email at

Previous Versions of Data

For archival purposes, version 1 of the data (released in 2019) is available here, version 2 of the data (released in 2020) is available here, version 3 of the data (released in 2021) is available here, and version 4 of the data (released in 2022) is available here.